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Global Iris is Global Payments' online payment processing solution. The purpose of this site is to provide you with all the information you need to start processing payments using Global Iris.  

Introducing Our New Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Feature


Attract international cardholders* to your business by offering them the choice to pay in their home currency! There’s no added complication for you; your account is credited with the original Sterling price. Regardless of how many HomeCurrencyPay transactions you do, you'll receive one simple credit on your monthly invoice for all commission earned. So you’ll gain a competitive edge at no effort or cost to you.

HomeCurrencyPay on Global iris can currently support 12 currencies (and this will soon expand to 32) so you’ll be able to offer this service to your customers from around the world. Further information on the currencies can be found on our website at www.globalpaymentsinc.co.uk under 'Products & Services' followed by 'HomeCurrencyPay'.

You and your staff must be fully trained on how to offer HomeCurrencyPay to your international cardholders. To help you to do this we’ve put together a short training module that can be found on our website at www.globalpaymentsinc.co.uk. It's on the 'HomeCurrencyPay' page, under 'Products & Services'. So that you can make the most of HomeCurrencyPay, please make sure you take the time to do the training as soon as possible. It won’t take you long to complete!

HomeCurrencyPay Benefits for You:


Enhance Customer Service And Loyalty Close More Sales Improve Profitability
  • Customers appreciate the choice to pay in their home currency
  • Attract and close more sales from international customers
  • New, ongoing revenue stream via monthly HomeCurrencyPay commission
  • Helps your international customers budget whilst abroad
  • Competitive edge in the market place
  • Funding and reporting in Sterling

Your Customers Will Benefit From:

  • No surprises! The currency conversion is shown on the terminal so they know exactly how much they are going to pay.
  • Easy to use. Your website does it all while delivering the usual shopping experience.
  • Business travellers benefit from easier expense reconciliation.
  • Competitive exchange rates.

Click here to find a Language Card that you can use as a link on your website to explain to your international cardholders how HomeCurrencyPay works.

Interested? Want to know more?

Leave your details with the Global Payments Helpdesk on 0845 702 3344 (choose the Option for 'Other') and one of our team will be in touch.

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Global Iris RealControl

Global Iris RealControl is the online reporting and reconcilliation tool. It also contains an online terminal for processing payments. Link to log in: https://reporting.globaliris.com

Global Iris Virtual Terminal

Global Iris Virtual Terminal is a simple payment processing screen. You can use this to take payments in a Mail Order/Telephone Order environment. Link to log in: https://vt.globaliris.com

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