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Shopping Carts

This section shows the shopping carts that we work with and how to integrate into each of them.

Note: when selecting a shopping cart, one key requirement for using Global Iris for eCommerce is that transactions must be processed using the 3D Secure (Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode) service. Make sure you select a shopping cart that offers this functionality.

Please see our section on Selecting a Shopping Cart

 The carts we support are listed below.

  • Adobe Business Catalyst (Redirect)
  • CactuShop (Redirect)
  • Comersus (Redirect)
  • CommercExchange (Remote with 3D Secure)
  • concrete5 (Redirect)
  • (Redirect)
  • CS-Cart (Redirect and Remote with 3DSecure)
  • CubeCart (Redirect)
  • Drupal Commerce (Remote)
  • EKM Powershop (Redirect)
  • ePages (Redirect)
  • FoxyCart (Remote with 3D Secure)
  • JShop (Redirect)
  • Magento (Redirect and Remote with 3D Secure)
  • Movylo Shop
  • NitroSell (Remote with 3D Secure)
  • Opencart (Redirect)
  • OS Commerce (Redirect)
  • Prestashop (Redirect)
  • Provendor (Redirect)
  • RomanCart (Redirect)
  • SellerDeck
  • Shopp (Remote with 3D Secure)
  • SiteGenerator (Remote with 3D Secure)
  • Ubercart (Redirect)
  • VirtueMart (Redirect)
  • Volusion (Remote with 3D Secure)
  • WandSoft (Redirect)
  • WooCommerce (Redirect and Remote with 3D Secure)
  • Wordpress (Tribulant) (Redirect)
  • X-Authorise (Redirect)
  • X-Cart (Redirect)
  • Zen Cart (Redirect)